ROFLThing NYC + Tegan & Sara

February 1st, 2009 by ftobia

Last weekend was the glorious NYC edition of ROFLThing, packed from end to end with epic win. In no particular order, there was Tron Guy, Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere, the eminent Jason Scott,  and the guy who invented Comic Sans. The legendary Tim Hwang worked the scene like a puppet master of the caliber of the John Cusack character from Being John Malkovich. Anonymous was there, and proceeded to heckle the first few speakers — until they were stilled by the threat of forcible expulsion. All the while volunteers were on stand-by to counter possible stage rushing or similar tomfoolery. Imagine “The Battle of Evermore” meets the Internet memescape for a better idea of how things went down.

When our cadre of volunteers was preparing the venue for the awesomeness that would follow, I heard the most curious music come over the sound system. Pre-ROFLThing was graced with the melodies of Tegan and Sara in the song “I Was Married”  — in my opinion, the finest defense of same-sex marriage I have ever known, and a catchy tune to boot. But that wasn’t all! Indeed, the entirety of The Con would play before the ROFLFestivities began. It was a fitting start to a fabulous day.

Last, to anyone unfamiliar with Tegan and Sara, stop what you’re doing right now and go purchase at least one of their albums. You shall not regret it.

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