Googling past conversations

August 6th, 2009 by ftobia

I am looking forward to a time when Google (or some other massive know-it-all search giant with all my personal data) can record and index video of my entire life in real time. Yes, I know there will be insane privacy issues. I’m not worried about them yet. I am worried about having conversations that I can’t reliably reference at indeterminate points in the future.

Freezepop has a song called “He says, she says” which accurately portrays the sorts of situations arising when we don’t have the above Life Indexer. Imagine how useful it would be to go back and accurately rebut: “No look, I actually said this, not that.” I believe it would be insanely useful.

My biggest issues arise from data sources I can’t look up on Google or Wikipedia. When I make a commitment with someone, I can only search through the mementos I write myself stemming from the social interaction we had that generated the commitment. That means when we disagree, it’s my word against theirs.

You can’t do science on unfalsifiable statements.

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