I’m Frank Tobia and here is the place I blog. I was studying for my PhD in economics at Georgetown until it became obvious to me I’d chosen the wrong path and dropped out. Currently I work for a computer security firm in Reston, VA, enjoying the software engineer / code ninja lifestyle. I have two bachelors degrees from RPI, computer & systems engineering and economics, and I’m overly proud of both of them. I haven’t decided when I’m going back to grad school, but it must happen soon to feed my brain and ego.

My free time is filled with side projects and assorted fabulousness. I’m a board member of the Awesome Foundation DC which is (unsurprisingly) quite awesome. Much of my time I spend reading, plotting and planning, playing Starcraft 2, and exploring lofty questions about the meaning of existence and the optimal organization of society. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in any of the above.

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